Crossroads Blueberry Farm

Our farming methods here at Crossroads Blueberry Farm consist of a strict crop protection program. We hire scouts to monitor each field and the pests that may become harmful. The field scouts will place monitoring devices strategically throughout the field and check them periodically. The pests the scouts are looking for consist mainly of spotted wing drosopholis, cranberry fruit worm, and blueberry maggot worm. These pests can be extremely detrimental to our crop, both the health of the bush and the blueberry fruit itself. Once a harmful pest has been detected in a field we will apply crop protection. The crop protection we apply is approved by the EPA and ONLY used within the guidelines they provide. We ONLY apply crop protection when absolutely necessary and ONLY apply the minimal effective amount to protect our crop. We appreciate your interest in this matter and are very proud of our farming methods. If you have any further questions please go to the Contact Us page. We pride ourselves on feeding the people of America with fruit that is very beneficial to your health and taking good care of the land we have been blessed to farm. We are also MAEAP verified, which ensures to you that we have taken the necessary steps to assure you that we are an environmentally friendly farm.

Farm Fresh Michigan Blueberries

Crossroads Blueberry Farm harvests about a dozen different varieties of Michigan blueberries, each ready to be picked at a different time in the season, which begins in July and ends in September (the Michigan blueberry season can vary depending upon weather). Although there are many different varieties of blueberries, there are only a few that are picked by hand and sold for retail in the market and to wholesale buyers. The rest of the varieties are picked by machine and frozen.

The varieties that are hand picked and sold for retail in the market each have their own taste and time that they are ripe. Dukes, Blue Jay, and Blue Crop have a picking season that goes through the month of July. These three varieties are very sweet and can be larger in size. They are great for snacking, fresh fruit salads and other summer treats. Elliotts are the last variety of the season to be sold in the retail store. They finish out the season, being picked through the month of August.  Elliotts are ideal for freezing and baking. They are a bit tart in taste but by far have the most flavor for smoothies, blueberry pancakes and baked goods.

Are you looking for wholesale blueberries in Michigan? We wholesale fresh Michigan blueberries during the Michigan harvest.  All of our wholesale blueberry orders are fresh handpicked blueberries and are great for re-sale or freezing to get your antioxidants all year round. We appreciate all orders being placed 48hrs in advance but it is not necessary.