Wholesale Blueberries – Fresh Michigan Blueberries

Wholesale BlueberriesAre you looking for wholesale blueberries in Michigan? We wholesale fresh Michigan blueberries during the Michigan harvest.

We offer a discount on wholesale fresh Michigan blueberries on orders over 300 pounds. All of our wholesale blueberry orders are fresh handpicked blueberries and are great for re-sale or freezing to get your antioxidants all year round. We appreciate all orders being placed 48hrs in advance but it is not necessary.

Our wholesale blueberries are available by the lug. We also have empty 5 and 10 pound boxes if you would like to purchase them. If you would prefer your blueberries to be packaged in the 5 and 10 pound boxes prior to pick up we are more than willing to discuss this with you.

Crossroads Blueberry Farm is a family owned and operated blueberry farm located in West Olive, Michigan. We are currently harvesting 450 acres of blueberries starting in July and ending mid-September.  We are fully operational from farm to table and find joy in providing customers with the best tasting, size and quality blueberries.

We are extremely dedicated to ensuring environmental sust