10 - Strawberry-Pretzel-Parfait


12 Strawberries – Diced

2 tsp – Granulated Sugar

1 C. – Pretzel Mini Twists

2 Tbsp – Unsalted Butter, Melted

Pinch of Cinnamon

3/4 C. – Whole Milk Yogurt (or Sour Cream)

2 Tbsp – Brown Sugar



Place the strawberries in a shallow dish and sprinkle the granulated sugar on top. Stir to combine. Let sit for at least 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, add the pretzels to a food processor.  Pulse until they are broken into small chunks.

Drizzle the melted butter and cinnamon over the crushed pretzels and pulse a few times to combine.  Scrape mixture out of food processor and set aside.

In a small bowl, add the yogurt or sour cream and brown sugar. Whisk together to break up any brown sugar lumps.

Into each serving cup, layer yogurt, strawberries, and pretzel mixture.  Repeat. Garnish with extra yogurt and crushed pretzels.


Serves 2

*It is best to eat this right after it is made, the pretzels quickly become soggy.




Recipe from: http://www.dessertfortwo.com/strawberry-pretzel-parfait/