Silicone Blueberry Jar Opener


 The blueberry silicone jar opener sticks to any smooth surface for easy storage:  microwaves, windows, refrigerators (even stainless steel).  They are dishwasher safe, can be used in the car for cell phones, in RV or boats.

Crossroads Blueberry Farm is a family owned business and operated by Dave and Kelley Reenders. The Crossroads Blueberry Market is open seasonally. Our Online Store is OPEN all year, offering delicious Michigan gourmet and handmade blueberry items.



This silicone jar operner is non-slip and grips tight lids and features a Michigan Love logo.

If you would like to order a large number of products, please contact Crossroads Blueberry Market at (616) 842-2828.  Please consider Crossroads Blueberry Market for your Holiday and/or Corporate Gifts.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6.5 in
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