Elderberry & Blueberry Tea


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Unique, premium small batch tea.

Premier Elderberry & Blueberry Tea Infusion is an antioxidant-rich product for immune support and delicious taste.

Containing the perfect tested proportion of organic Elderberries, Blueberries, Hibiscus, Apples, Currants, Raisins, Cornflower Petals;  these berries and herbs are super-packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin K, anthocyanin, copper, beta-carotene, folate, choline, vitamins A and E, and manganese.


Out of stock


Brew Time:  Steep at least min 5-10 minutes.  You can’t brew too long;  the longer the brew, the richer the tea!

Each Blueberry Tea order comes in a beautiful tin containing 15 sachets (eco-friendly bags) for 30+ servings.  Contains no caffeine.

ElderBlu Elderberry & Blueberry Tea Infusion is 5 Products in 1

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